How do we compare?

Passwords are the currency of the Digital Age, and without them, online predators and cyber stalkers would be able to access your personal information anywhere at anytime. People use passwords to log in to their email accounts, bank accounts, credit card accounts and gaming accounts. However, keeping track of these passwords can prove to be a challenge. Password management applications are recommended by the vast majority of IT security experts, but with the wide variety of password management systems available, it can be difficult trying to decide on the best solution for your needs. If you’re still struggling to choose a top rated password management application, consider the benefits of the CyberGate™ Password Vault.

Off The Cloud Password Storage

One of the most unique features of Password Vault is the ability to store passwords and critical information safely and securely without the use of the cloud. Internet hackers and rogue insiders are constantly looking to compromise your vital information by hacking into cloud storage solutions. Password Vault eliminates reliance on third-party servers, cloud-based storage solutions and the need to use insecure public Wifi connections to synchronize your data. Other password management systems such as Dashlane and Lastpass use cloud-based management systems, which can put you at risk for identity theft. With a high-performing 32-bit microprocessor and up to 1GB of flash memory, Password Vault allows you to protect and access your passwords using an easy-to-use solution on a completely secure device.

Wireless Multi-Device Access

Password Vault offers consumers a safe and easy way to safeguard their important information. This intelligent password manager is compatible with most wireless Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low-Energy devices, making it easy to transition between your computer, smartphone and tablet devices. This type of wireless multi-device access is not available with other password management applications such as Dashlane and Lastpass.

If you’re ready to take control of your passwords and say “no” to the digital dangers of cloud storage, order your Password Vault today! When you order your Password Vault, all you have to do is connect the device to your computer or tablet, add your usernames and passwords, and you’re done!