Easy To Integrate With KeePass

Easily import you current KeePass password database directly to your CyberGate™ Password Vault making setup a breeze.

Store in Your Wallet or Purse

Take your passwords with you, the Password Vault card easily fits in your wallet or purse.

Sync to Multiple Devices

The CyberGate™ Password Vault makes the use of KeePass across multiple devices easy as you only have to setup the password database one time on the card.

Say “No” To the Cloud

No longer have to store your personal information in the cloud or on mobile devices which opens you up to cyber hackers.

Supported Platforms

Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
Android OS 4.4+
Apple Mac OS X 10.8+
Apple iOS 9+ (April 2017)

* Compatible with KeePass Pro

State-Of-The-Art Processor

The CyberGate™ Password Vault offers a 32-Bit microprocessor, giving you the powerful computing power of most smart phones in a small, credit-card size device.

Large Flash Storage

Securely store thousands of passwords, credit card numbers, emergency contacts, and more right on the Password Vault.

Bluetooth Compatible

Sync your Password Vault with almost any wireless Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low-Energy Device.

Weeks of Battery Life

Use your card for days or weeks without needing to recharge it through a convenient USB port.

Military-Grade Encryption

With state-of-the-art military-grade encryption, you can rest assured your critical data and passwords are unidentifiable to hackers and cyber stalkers.

Managing passwords on several devices?  Why not take KeePass to the NEXT level and put the CONVENIENCE of the cloud into your pocket?

Say hello to the CyberGate™ Password Vault.  The Password Vault is a next generation state of the art personal mobile cloud that will make managing your passwords across multiple devices a breeze.   The Password Vault allows you to use a single KeePass password database across multiple devices and platforms eliminating the stress and frustration of password management.  The Password Vault also makes it virtually impossible for your account login information to fall into the wrong hands by offering an additional layer of password security.  Integrating seamlessly with your existing KeePass password database the Password Vault allows you to store ALL your account login information in your wallet or purse keeping off unsecure local devices.  Utilizing Bluetooth, passwords stored on your Password Vault Card are only transmitted when you need them.  With over 378 million cybercrime victims in the last year, it’s critical that your passwords are kept in a secure and safe location.  Order your CyberGate™ Password Vault today for easy KeePass integration and make password management virtually effortless!


Everybody loves tech gadgets, but our’s is different. Here is how it works. It should be easy to install and simple to use.

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Connect device

Connect the Password Vault to your device using Bluetooth and install the Password Vault application software.

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Add passwords

Add your website usernames, passwords, and other data whenever your wish. Update your data anytime from any compatible device.

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Yay! Done.

That's it! You're ready to begin using your Password Vault and take back control of your passwords.