An incredible piece of technology and engineering that finally puts you back in control of your passwords and other critical data.

#1 Password Manager

Ships with the #1 password manager in the world – KeePass Password Safe. Military-grade encryption keeps your passwords safe and secure.

Say "No" to the cloud!

The cloud and mobile devices are not secure. With over 378+ million cybercrime victims last year, it has never been more important to secure your passwords.

Stays in your wallet

The Password Vault is wireless and can stay safely tucked away in your wallet or pocket. No need to expose it to prying eyes or risk leaving it behind.

Easy to use

Connect your card over Bluetooth. Install the Password Vault application. Add your passwords and you're in business! It's that simple and easy to use.

It's Private

Your data is in your control. Forget about prying eyes. Your passwords and data are stored on your card and always in your control. Only you can grant access.

Proven technology

The Password Vault is built on proven technology and a manufacturing process that puts the performance of a "supercomputer" in your wallet.

KeePass Compatible

If you adopt just one security tool this year, make it KeePass.



Erez Zukerman, “Review: KeePass makes strong passwords and keeps them safe

“And the Winner is … KeePass. Our loyalties still lie with KeePass …”


Katherine Stevenson, “LastPass vs. KeePass: What’s the Best Online Password Management?

Without a doubt the most advanced state-of-the-art password manager.

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High-Performance Processor

A 32-Bit microprocessor packs the same computing power found in many smartphones into a package the size of credit-card.

Flash Storage

Embedded flash storage allows you to securely store thousands of passwords and other data such as credit card numbers, drug prescriptions, emergency contacts, etc.

Rechargeable Battery

A rechargeable battery provides days or even weeks of use before needing to be recharged using the provided magnetic USB charging cable.

Bluetooth Smart

Compatible with most wireless Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low-Energy devices, keep your Password Vault safely tucked away in your wallet or purse while in-use.

Military-Grade Encryption

Meets the advanced encryption standards (AES, Rijndael) approved by U.S. Federal Government with FIPS 140-2 certification expected by end of 2017.

Supported Platforms

Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
Android OS 4.4+
Apple Mac OS X 10.8+
Apple iOS 9+ (April 2017)

* Compatible with KeePass Pro


Everybody loves tech gadgets, but our’s is different. Here is how it works. It should be easy to install and simple to use.


Connect device

Connect the Password Vault to your device using Bluetooth and install the Password Vault application software.


Add passwords

Add your website usernames, passwords, and other data whenever your wish. Update your data anytime from any compatible device.


Yay! Done.

That's it! You're ready to begin using your Password Vault and take back control of your passwords.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email at support@cybergatecard.com.

What is the Password Vault?

BluStor’s™ Password Vault is a wireless personal mobile cloud for storing passwords and other important information. It eliminates the security concerns associated with cloud-based solutions, third-party servers, and public WiFi.

Will sitting on it damage the card?

The electronic components in the Password Vault have been optimally placed within the card to minimize the potential for stress and can safely reside in your wallet our purse.

Is the battery replaceable?

The Password Vault is a sophisticated electronic device with an ultra-thin lithium polymer rechargeable battery encapsulated in a strong tamper resistant resin and can not be replaced. The battery is rechargeable and will enable you to use the Password Vault for many years.

Is Bluetooth wireless data encrypted?

Yes. Your data is always encrypted as it’s being transmitted over the Bluetooth wireless interface.

Does BluStor have access to my data?

No. BluStor has no access to any of the data stored on your Password Vault. Only you have access and you are in full control of your card at all times.

What if I lose my Password Vault?

Only you can access the data stored in your Password Vault so it is safe from theft and can not be easily hacked. You can also download backup copies of your password database from your card, which we recommend you keep offline and store someplace secure.